Who Is Black Mountain Music & Media

A Multi Service Agency

Providing Management, International Radio Tracking/Plugging, Consulting

Black Mountain KC Music & Media LTD as we are legally known will turn 9 years old in 2023. Not a simple feat in today's economy, and certainly not an easy task to keep the doors open during the Pandemic. Located in BC, Black Mountain is licensed to provide service across Canada, and the USA. Check out our services and talented roster of musicians! 

Worldwide Radio Tracking & USA Radio 

International Radio Distribution/Promotion

Black Mountain Music & Media started out as a Social Media Company. Over time our focus and passion has changed. With the name change from Black Mountain Social Media to Black Mountain Music & Media, not only was there a Brand change there was also a change in the services we started to provide. Our focus is now more on International Radio Tracking and Promotion, Management, and Artist Development. We still have a passion and fire for Independent Artists, and helping artists reach their own personal success whatever it may be is success to us. 

International Tracking- The Black Mountain Original

The radio game has been changing rapidly over the past 10 years. Black Mountain was one of the first Canadian radio tracking/promo companies to recognize the importance of the international market.  Our “Black Mountain Original” targets mainly Grass Roots across Europe, Australia, and the US. 

We know everyone isn't the same, so neither are our plans. We have 3 plans to suit different budgets and release plans. Each plan comes with the following:

  • Distribution of your song 
  •  OneBio © 
  • 2 tracking reports every week. 1 report tracks country count. 1 report tracks comments
  • Follow up email every week 
  • Arrange interviews and liners
  • Support from our team 
  • Three packages 6 week, 12 week, 24 week. The 6 and 12 week packages extra weeks can be purchased. 
  • Christmas song package or single

The Super Pack- International/US Tracking

Black Mountain Music & Media has partnered with the leading distribution company to extend our reach across the Europe, Australia/NZ, South Africa and the America's.  Using targeted campaigns, with the option to combine Black Mountain's curated radio list we can expand artists fan base, and reach in potential touring markets.  We have a large selection of combinations. Contact us today and start expanding your fan base.

Some targeted areas include:

  • Modern Country
  • Americana
  • Traditional Country 
  • Texas Dirt Country
  • Christmas Country 
  • Music Row Only

For prices contact us today. 

Black Mountain Music & Media was just what I needed to push my song to all ends of this globe. I’m forever grateful for the exposure and their hard work!” - Jackie Guy

Other Services

 Artist Development


Artist Development Part of The Package 

As Black Mountain developed their service plan over the years they found Indie Artists were in need of much more than the standard Social Media service plan: making posts to social media platforms, developing content, etc.  We found Artists required assistance with Brand Development, Interview Assistance/Coaching, Risk Assessment, Fund Sourcing, and assistance with Public Relations. To excel at Social Media Black Mountain believes all these areas of A&D must be well managed and developed, as a result we now provide a full Artist Development program! We assist not only emerging artists but established independent artists identify the gaps in their “team” or areas of their music business they are struggling to complete and identify ways to for the artist to better manage their business. Many of these tasks are areas Black Mountain Music & Media can facilitate allowing the artist to focus on recording and creativity. 

 Areas Covered

We help the artist build a commercially viable product, establish a fan base, attain critical music business skills. (*out of house referral extra cost may apply)

Genuine Performance Ability 
Image creation and maintenance 
Plan of action, goal setting 
Business management skills 
Professional Management 
Knowledge of producing, engineering, and mastering for International and National
Knowledge of manufacturing, distribution, and sales online, and radio airplay. 
Good choices in members, staff, and advisors 
Physical and mental preparedness 
Basic knowledge of finances, accounting 
Law and legal issues: publishing, copyrighting and trademarks 
Branding (*stylist)


 Extra Services  

  • Social Media Management. 
  • Metadata embedding
  • Stylist services

Black​​​​​​​Mountain Music & Media Doesn’t Have Clients We Have Family!

Extented Members of the Team


Aspen Beveridge is a musician, audio engineer and producer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He is a guitarist and vocalist in the rock band, League of Wolves (Inside Pocket/Warner Music Canada). Beveridge studied recording arts at the Banff Centre (Alberta) and also in Provence, France while attending the Mix With The Masters program. He has worked and studied under many reputable producers such as Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes, Bob Dylan, Weezer), David Gleeson (Third Eye Blind, Pearl Jam) and Jacquire King (James Bay, Kings of Leon). Over the course of his career, Beveridge has also worked as a composer, sound supervisor, and mixer for a variety of web-series television programs and independent films. He now owns and operates Skullcreek Studios, based out of Saskatoon.

Meet Aspen by Clicking Here

producer country music metadata Saskatchewan

RIP Brett T Williams aka Brett Johnson

We are very saddened by the sudden passing of our client Brett T Williams, 3rd generation artist. Brett was the grandson of CCMA Hall of Fame member Elmer Tippe and nephew of BCCMA Hall Of Fame Member Rick Tippe. 

Meta Data Tagging

What is all this talk about Metadata?

It's in my streaming upload isn't that enough?

Are you getting paid? 

Without the proper Meta Data on your tracks the answer is no! Meta-What? You may be asking yourself is this another thing I have to learn to do? Again, the answer is no! However, as an artist you do need to know if your music is properly tagged. Whose job is it to properly tag my music? 

It is your producers or engineers’ job to put the Meta-Data on your tracks.  

Why do I need this? 

You may be asking yourself why do I have to do this anyways? I don’t have to do worry about any of this when I release in Canadian radio? Besides I entered all the same information when I uploaded to CD Baby or TuneCore, can’t I just use those tracks? The short answer is, no. 

International radio release is not like releasing to Canada, or the USA for a variety of reasons, but for today let’s just focus on song distribution. In Canada as most artists know, a song is uploaded to radio through a system known as DMDS. Many artists and engineers are familiar with Joe at RDR, when Joe uploads a single to DMDS he enters all the meta data manually. DMDS then tags the Meta Data automatically to the song.  

There are some electronic tracking systems for the USA and International radio, the largest being MPE. MPE works like DMDS. But wait, before you start thinking fine, I’ll just use MPE, unless your name is Blake Sheldon, or Miranda Lambert you may want to rethink this plan. Even the biggest artists in Canada (other than Shania) are just getting known on the international stage. MPE is similar to a large iTunes for Radio. They search your name to find you. Now they do have ways of finding emerging talent BUT let’s be realistic with only a small little profile card to sell yourself how likely are you going to be added? So back to sending your music out with a company such as Black Mountain or by yourself. So how is your music going to be sent? The simple and short answer is your music is sent over in an email in either MP3 or WAV file format.   

What Meta Data Tags are needed? 

When you show this list to your producer or engineer, they may question you on why you need some of the information listed below. Feel free to bring this page and show them! The following Meta Data is almost identical to what is uploaded to CD Baby when you upload your single, and it is the same Meta Data uploaded to DMDS. If your single was not properly tagged and you have now decided to release to international radio you cannot just download your song off of CD Baby, Spotify or any other streaming platform. The Meta Data does not stay with the file. The reason for Genre is stations overseas play multi-genre shows unlike Canada. They don’t know you yet, so they need to know your genre in the event your song goes to a Central Music Director and then is forwarded to the correct Programmers. Having the ISRC Code insures you get your Royalties. Naming the performer, and songwriter does not always insure you get paid.  

Please note, having this information tagged onto your single at the time of Mastering is much easier than after! Not many producers have the program to add Metadata to WAV files after mastering. You do not have to wait to have for CD Baby or TuneCore to issue you an ISRC Code. Ask your producer or engineer to help you find a company.  

Finally, here is the list of Meta Data you need! If you wish to keep a copy of this article for referencing later see the files below, under "Downloadable Meta Data Info". For engineets and producers I have included a printable list of the Meta Data required.Feel free to download and share with your producer/engineer friends.

I feel this should be a no brainer but it actually is commonly missed and can cause your song to be rejected!!! Make sure your song is properly titled on the file itself. 

Example:  track name Final Mix. mp3 WRONG

Example track name artist name.mp3 Correct


Meta Data Tag 

-Song name 

-Artist Name 

-Songwriter Name (s) 

-IRSC Code 

-ISWC Code 





-label (if applicable)  


*WAV files cannot have Meta Data added to them after mastering. They can, it’s just more difficult to find legitimate programs. Again, why it is best to have this done before mastering is finished.  

*Just send the ISRC code along with the song like DMDS. This is not how DMDS works, and if your song does not have your name and song title on it the file will not even be opened. Without the ISRC code you will not get paid Royalties. International radio receives anywhere from 3-5000 songs a month. They don’t have time to enter your codes manually.  

*If the song has the Meta Data on it for CD Baby or another streaming platform, you’re fine. Wrong the two things have nothing to do with each other. 

Downloadable Meta Data Info

Meta Data Tag Print Out If you are a producer or engineer here is a handy print out to pin up in your studio of what needs to be tagged to the both the MP3 and the WAV file. Artists feel free to download this list as well and take it to your producer. 699 KB
Are You Getting Paid? A copy of the article on Meta Data and international radio release. Download the entire article to have easy access while working on your own worldwide radio release. Make sure you have the correct meta data in place to collect all possible royalties. 705 KB

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