Meet Our Artists

Will Ardell

Award winning Americana/Outlaw

Will Ardell may have gotten a later start at music than others but it hasn’t held him back. Will started writing as a poet and when he picked up his first guitar he began to translate his poetry skills into the craft of songwriting. Will’s first two albums were received well by both critics, radio anc fans, however Will himself was not as pleased with his music and the “business side” of the industry. Frustrated as well as dealing with some serious family health issues Will stepped away from the industry. In 2016 Will released Breakin Fences a song he once described as his swan song or farewell to music. In 2017 Will slowly entered the industry again accepting an invitation to play a showcase during the 2017 CCMAS. In 2018 Will Ardell began writing his third album “The Truth”. He has described his upcoming album as unapologetically real, incredibly raw and authentic. Will has described the music on the album from lyrics to make the listener think, to lyrics to provide comfort. No exact release date has been set. So far in 2021 Ardell has released two incredibly powerful singles. Both singles are well over 20K streams on Spotify and growing every day.

Kevin "KAZ" Arizona

Americana Talent

"The Story is King". We had never heard this quote until we met Kevin Arizona. Until we met KAZ we never thought we would have someone with a huge rock n roll background on our roster. Life is a journey as they say, and being able to change and adapt is key. Arizona has done just that... with a desire and phenomenal skill to tell stories like they did in the days of 80's rock, and in traditional country Arizona found himself at a musical crossroad. Enter the idea of Americana!! A genre obviously meant for a gifted lyricist with the ability to take those lyrics and turn them into musical poetry. Others who have heard Kevin "KAZ" Arizona's new sound agree when we say he has a Dillonesq sound and vibe to him. We couldn't be more proud to be joining KAZ on his new journey.