One of our favourite Country groups is Emerson Drive. Pinky Simms had a great time sitting down for a 1:1 with Bradley Mates during the Kootenay Country Music Fest. Check out the great Uke solo by Danick at the end! 

During Rockin River Fest we sat down with Canadian Country Music Association and BC Country Music Association award winning trio The Washboard Union and talked about their rise to fame, performing with each other and their favourite moments so far! True to a Black Mountain interview it was a fun light hearted chat with many laughs. We think you'll really enjoy the pink Uke performance at the end! 

Meet The Heels! A vocal power house trio from Vancouver BC. They are impacting Country Radio across Canada with their catchy and uplifting lyrics. Pinky caught up with them and had a visit with them before they performed at the start of their Okanagan tour! They give some insight into how they make such amazing music! 

During CCMA2017 we had the honour to sit down with Ajaye Jardine. A young lady from BC, Canada who just completed her first USA tour. She is now putting roots down between Canada and Nashville and in only 2 years as a solo artist she is turning heads in the country music world! Although young, she is wise and inspiring. With a powerful voice that draws the listener in along with her radiant smile. Her latest single was a done jointly with award winning artist Erin Grain of The Washboard Union. We absolutely love her "Pinky Song" at the end of the interview. So be inspired, have a laugh and watch AJ and Pinky "Live from Saskatoon" 

Meet Beamer Wigley & Abby Stewart! We caught up with them after they performed at the Westbank Opry. Although these two have played some of the biggest festivals in Canada and have opened for some of Canada's largest acts they continue to play local Markets, and small venues. These two may be young but don't be fooled! Beamer has been playing guitar since an age most of us were learning to ride a bike and Abby opens her mouth and the voice a soulful adult suddenly emerges out of this tiny young lady. During our chat find out how these two started making music together! Note this interview was done before the official announcement Beamer and Abby are officially a duo!! But we admit we knew ;) Good Luck to Canada's much cuter Kenny and Dolly!